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The Real Reason CeCe Winans Turned Down Whitney Houston's 'I'm Every Woman'

CeCe Winans is the best selling female gospel artist of all time. At least year's Dove Awards, she became the very first African-American performer to win "Artist of the Year."

For nearly 30 years, CeCe Winans has been a part of the gospel community and has even collaborated with popular secular artists, the most famous being the iconic Whitney Houston.

However, in a recent video that has gone viral, CeCe explains that she turned down a collaboration with Houston the popular hit song "I'm Every Woman" because of what she implies as demonic undertones.

In the song, there is a line that references casting spells, to which CeCe responded "I'm not saying that," even though the term "casting spells" was not in reference to witchcraft, sorcery, or any type of demonic powers.

Nevertheless, CeCe Winans did collaborate with Whitney Houston on the Babyface produced song "Count on Me" from the "Waiting to Exhale" soundtrack.

In deciding which songs to sing and which collaborations she pursues, CeCe explains that the song must align to the word of God. She went on to explain that she is first and foremost a Christian who happens to sing.


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