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We seek to use gospel/ Christian music as a way to minister to people throughout the world, especially during these uncertain times. We promote artists whose music aligns with our mission.


We are a resource for news and information to the faith-based community.


We provide inspirational resources to help people deepen their relationship with God.


Through our various communication channels, we strive to encourage, uplift, and



We are an internet media company. Our digital footprint can be found on YouTube, social media sites, our website, and email blasts. Although we're based in Tennessee and South Carolina, we have a global reach. At The Inspirational Gospel Music Channel, we believe that through Christ, all things are possible. Founded by Marketing executive  RJ Sanders, we hope to be a beacon of light in an increasingly chaotic world. Through our internet radio station, we play songs from various gospel and Christian musicians, including both established and emerging artists. We also provide news and commentary on issues that impact the faith-based community.

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Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel

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Our Reach

In less than three (3) years, the Inspirational Gospel Music Channel has achieved:

  • Over 21 million views on YouTube

  • Over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube

  • Nearly 25,000 social media subscribers across various digital platforms


Many of our videos on YouTube have exceeded 100,000 views!

We are dedicated to providing positive music, news, and information to the faith-based community. 

Our methods of communicating with our audience include the following:

  • Strong Web Presence: Our radio station and news content are available 24/7 on our website. We provide news and information on emerging and established gospel/Contemporary Christian artists. In addition, we deliver faith-based adjacent information, which includes news stories not centered on a particular Christian artist but may be of interest to those in the faith-based community.

  • Emails: We are steadily building our email lists, Currently we have several thousand subscribers to whom we can promote artist information, such as books and tours. We also provide inspirational messages to encourage our readers.

NOTE: If you would like to publicize your music, ministry, or organization, feel free to contact us. We are here to support your efforts to encourage, uplift, and inspire!

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