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Southern Baptist Convention Expels Rick Warren's Saddleback Church Over Famale Pastor

The Southern Baptist Convention has kicked out Saddleback Church, its second largest congregation, for its female pastors.

Saddleback Church is based in California and was founded by pastor and best selling author of "The Purpose Driven Life," Rick Warren.

This Tuesday, the Executive Committee of the nation's largest Protestant denomination based their decision on Saddleback having “a female teaching pastor functioning in the office of pastor.”

The female pastor in question is Pastor Stacie Wood who is wife of the current lead pastor at Saddleback Andy Wood. Pastor April Wood has taken on a more visible role within the church.

As you may recall, Pastor Rick Warren retired from Saddleback after 42 years in 2022. Before leaving, he ordained three (3) female pastors, which upset the conservative leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The Southern Baptists Convention as a governing body officially opposes women as pastors.

Saddleback is allowed to appeal the decision this June at the Southern Baptist Convention's next annual meeting.

Saddleback has over 25,000 members and 12 locations in Southern California.


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