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Actor, Singer, and Activist, Harry Belafonte, Has Passed Away at 96

A trailblazer has passed away.

Harry Belafonte has died at his home in New York City.

Belafonte's career spanned 6 decades.

An award-winning performer, Belafonte became one of the first Black leading men in Hollywood.

He was an important voice in the 1960s civil rights movement and championed many of the causes put forth by Martin Luther King Jr..

Belefonte was also outspoken against South Africa’s apartheid.

He was born in New York but was sent to live with his grandmother in Jamaica at age 5, returning to attend high school in the states.

Harry Belafonte became well-known as a calypso singer and for his version of the “Banana Boat Song.”

He is survived by his third wife Pamela; daughters Shari, Adrienne and Gina; son David; stepchildren Sarah and Lindsey; and eight grandchildren.

Harry Belafonte was 96 years old.


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