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New TV Show "Grown & Gospel" Debuts; Reveals Fracture Between Fred Hammond and daughter Breeann

The new TV show "Grown & Gospel" debuted on WeTV. Set in Detroit, the reality TV series showcase the private lives of the children of several famous gospel celebrities. Even though you may not know the names of all the cast members, you most certainly will recognize their famous parents.

The cast includes:

Tasha Page-Lockhart who is the daughter of Lisa Page Brooks, one of the original members of the gospel group Witness. Tasha has made legitimate in-roads in the gospel music industry by becoming the 6th winner of BET's singing competition show "Sunday Best."

Nikkia Cole-Beach is the daughter of Dr. Dorinda Clark Cole of the legendary and well-respected Clark Sisters. In the show, she balances motherhood as she deals with her husband who has been incarcerated for four years.

Elijah Connor went viral for his appearance on the Fox reality show "The Four: The Battle of Stardom," where he engaged in a now infamous staring match with Sean "P Diddy" Combs, which has become a common meme. On the show, he struggles with doing secular music as a preacher's kid.

J. Brooks is the son of Michael Brooks, who was a founding member of the gospel group Commissioned.

Shana Wilson-Williams is the daughter of Bishop Samuel Wilson of the Community Christian Fellowship Church in Detroit. On the show, the mother of three reveals that she feels like an outside in the gospel community.

And finally,

Breeann (Bree) Hammond, the daughter of gospel mega-star Fred Hammond. In one of the most heartbreaking parts of the debut episode, Bree reveals that she's had a fractured relationship with her famous father after her parents divorced when she was sixteen. The show suggests that Bree has been struggling financially and may have other skeletons in her closet.

The show is produced by Carlos King's Kingdom Reigns Entertainment, which is behind such hits as OWN's "Love and Marriage Huntsville" and "Belle Collective."

By this being a show that centers the lives of gospel celebrities and their families, let's hope that it focuses not only on the underbelly and negative attributes of the gospel community; but, it also highlights the positive aspects and inspirational component of gospel music and family life.

While learning of the strain relationship between Bree Hammond and Fred Hammond in the first episode is heartbreaking, let's hope also that there's some sort of reconciliation as the show progresses. Moreover, let's pray that Bree is able to find her footing in the music industry and find good fortune.

"Grown & Gospel" airs on Thursday nights at 9PM on WeTV.


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