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Kirk Franklin Ordered to ‘Cease-and-Desist’ After Alleged Misleading Claims About Publishing

Photo: Kirk Franklin, Vicki Mack Lataillade

Things have taken an ugly turn between Grammy-winning gospel artist Kirk Franklin and his former record label and publishing company.

Kirk Franklin appeared on Club Shay Shay, a YouTube podcast hosted by former football player Shannon Sharpe, on December 13th and claimed that his former record label took 100 percent of the publishing for his first album.

The label, GospoCentric Records, quickly fired back with a cease-and-desist order over the alleged misleading claims.

GospoCentric Records is the record label founded by Vicki Mack Lataillade and her husband Claude Lataillade in 1992.

In legal documents, attorneys for Lilly Mack Publishing and its owners Claude and Vicki Mack Lataillade, contend that Franklin misrepresented the truth and omitted that he received millions in publishing revenues from songs he had written.

A public statement posted by Vicki Lataillade and Lilly Mack Publishing read: “As stated in the cease-and-desist letter served to Franklin on December 18, 2023, Franklin received his fair and equitable songwriting and publishing rights and subsequent revenues, totaling in the millions. This fruitful financial blessing has established him as one of the most prominent and influential names in gospel music."

Kirk Franklin signed with Gospocentric in 1992. The following year, Kirk Franklin and the Family released their debut album, which was a hit and spawned such classics as "Silver and Gold," "Why We Sing," and "He's Able."

Kirk Franklin partnered with Gospocentric and its companion label, B-Rite, in some capacity, for nearly 15 years.

Vicki and Claude sold their record companies to Zomba Records, part of the Sony BMG family of labels, in 2005.

Kirk Franklin has yet to respond publicly to the cease-and-desist order. However, the YouTube conversation of Kirk Franklin on Club Shay Shay is still available for viewing.

Let's hope that the dispute is resolved amicably between the gospel legends- Kirk Franklin and the Lataillades.


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