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Congratulations! Tabitha Brown Wins Her First EMMY!

Photo: Tabitha Brown

The second annual Children’s and Family Emmy Awards were held on Dec. 17th.

The award show is presented by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and recognizes the best in American children’s and family-oriented television programming. It was launched in 2022.

Tabitha Brown received a 2023 Emmy Award for Outstanding Host for her YouTube web series, "Tab Time."

The critically acclaimed web series started in 2021 and has amassed a loyal fan base of children and parents.

Tabitha Brown is the quintessential American success story. The once struggling actor from North Carolina became a TikTok sensation with her review of vegan meals.

Her stardom continues to rise. She's written two books: Feeding the Soul (because it's my business) and Love and Freedom Cooking from the Spirit.

In addition to Tab Time, she currently hosts a YouTube channel with her husband and hosts the Food Network’s first plant-based cooking competition "It’s CompliPlated."

Known for her calming voice and inspirational messages, Tabitha Brown is a star on the rise!

Congratulations to Tabitha Brown! Cheers to her continued success!

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