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The Gospel world mourns the sudden passing of celebrated vocalist, Bishop Kervy Brown

Photo: Bishop Kervy Brown | Source: Facebook

The gospel world is reeling from the sudden passing of yet another gospel vocalist.

Bishop Kervy Brown passed away on Sunday July 7th during church service. It is believed that he suffered a massive heart attack.

Most will recognize Bishop Kervy Brown as a lead vocalist for Hezekiah Walker and the Love Center Crusade (LCC) where he was a founding member and principal vocal. His most recognizable songs include “The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow” and “Make It To That City.”

His song "Lord Do It (Love is Live)" with the LCC won a Grammy Award and brought Kervy Brown much attention and respect. Take a listen below:

Minister Hezekiah Walker released an official statement that read in part:

"Today, I, along with the clergy, religious communities, and the faithful of the Covenant Keepers International Alliance, offer our prayers to the family, friends, and membership of The Greater Deliverance Tabernacle, and gospel music lovers around the world on the death of my beloved friend and brother, Bishop Kervy Brown. Many in our Fellowship will remember that Bishop Brown has walked with me for over 40 years doing the Lord’s work in the United States and around the world...may he rest in peace."

At 5 years-old, Bishop Brown began singing with his mother, Mary Brown, who was the lead singer of a Gospel group called The Faith Gospel Singers.

Bishop Kervy Brown worked for over 40 years with the Gospel Music Workshop of America. In addition, he was a devoted minister and bishop, serving at the pastor of Greater Deliverance Temple in Danville, VA starting in 2009.

In 2018, Brown was elevated to the office of Bishop under Bishop Hezekiah Walker, serving as the Southern State Alliance Bishop, overseeing churches in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Bishop Kervy Brown's legacy as a vocalist and minister will endure.

He was only 65 years old.




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