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Praise Break! Pastor John Gray Released from Hospital After Embolism Scare.

Pastor John Gray has been RELEASED from the hospital after facing a life-threatening blood clot!

Relentless Church Pastor John Gray and his wife, Aventer, posted a photo of an empty hospital bed, saying, "The devil wanted me to die in this bed."

Pastor Gray had been admitted to a hospital on July 7 and was in a cardiac care unit because of a saddle pulmonary embolism and more blood clots. The precarious location of the saddle pulmonary embolism complicated his chances of mortality.

Family spokeswoman Anne Torres confirmed that Pastor John Gray has been released from the hospital, but no other information was immediately available.

Pastor John Gray is only 49 years of age with a wife, Aventer, and 2 small children!

Please continue to pray for a complete recovery! In the meantime, PRAISE GOD!


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