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Pastor John Gray's Relentless Church to change its name to Love Story Church in 2024

2024 will begin a new chapter at Relentless Church!

Relentless Church, led by Senior Pastor John Gray and Co-Pastor Aventer Gray, has announced plans to change the existing name of the church.

After five years as Relentless Church, leadership has made the decision to rename the church to Love Story Church, effective Easter Sunday, which is on March 31st this year.

The announcement was made during the church’s New Year’s Eve celebration. A video promotion of the name change was posted to the church's Facebook page. Below is a clip of that video promo.

Pastor Gray who just returned from a two-month sabbatical said, “Relentless was just the chapter, love is the story. We were relentless for five years, but now it’s a love story.”

Leadership said the decision reflects the church’s commitment to its mission statement, emphasizing living in truth and walking in love to honor the dignity of each person’s experiences.

The church building located in Greenville, SC has experienced a number of name changes. It was previously owned by Pastor Ron Carpenter and was called Redemption World Outreach Church. In 2018, Pastor John Gray took over the church and renamed it Relentless Church. Since then, there has been an on-going legal dispute over the lease between Redemption and Relentless. There is no indication that the recent name change has anything to do with this dispute.

Best of luck to Relentless Church and pastors John Gray and Aventer Gray on this new chapter in their ministry!


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