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Oprah Winfrey Turns 70!

Photo: Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey, the official "Queen of Talk," just hit a new milestone! The film and television maven turned 70 years old on January 29th!

Not only is this milestone significant for Oprah, but it represents a highlight in the collective consciousness of those who remember when she first burst onto our television screens in the 1980s and redefined the entertainment landscape.

It seemed like yesterday when 4pm Eastern Standard Time was a destination time to gather in front of the television and see who Oprah had on her talk show.

She changed what a successful television personality looked like.

While previously television talk shows were dominated by white men and rail thin white women, Oprah set the world ablaze as a curvaceous, heavier-set, Black women with roots in the deep South.

In many respects, people from under-represented backgrounds could finally see themselves represented on the small screen.

From the moment she came onto the scene, audiences responded to her knack for being personable and empathetic, but still able to ask the hard questions.

Moreover, she proved that you could be a success by promulgating messages of inspiration and continual personal improvement. Her positivity became aspirational.

Over time, we witnessed Oprah transform from the local talk show host to national sensation to movie star to television network owner to world icon! We were able to mark time with each new Oprah milestone.

On her 70th birthday, Oprah posted a video of herself running on the beach with the caption, "This is 70"!

As we celebrate Oprah's birthday and her new-found contentment with her health journey, we look for more time to mark with the entertainment mogul.

Happy birthday, OPRAH!


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