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Kim Burrell is Under Fire for Controversial Remarks at Kingdom City Church

At Brian Cairns Kingdom City Convocation, gospel Singer Kim Burrell made remarks that rattled many in the faith-based community.

In her speech, Burrell laughed as she stated that people should interview someone to make sure they're not "broke" or "living in a trailer home" before letting them into your life.

Furthermore, she drew criticism for seemingly advocating against COVID-19 vaccines.

Jokingly she even suggested that some people in the church were physically "ugly."

Before concluding her speech she invited attendees to book her for more events using government money "left over from your PPP loan: Prayer, praise, and power."

This incident isn't the first backlash Burrell has received over her remarks. In late 2016 a clip of her resurfaced that showed her making remarks that many considered to be homophobic. Her scheduled appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show was swiftly canceled.

Burrell has apologized for her latest remarks. However, many took her response as being more defensive than remorseful.

It remains to be seen if Burrell can understand why so many found her remarks demeaning and classist. Moreover, we will see if this gospel music giant can repair her tarnished image.


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