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He's Back! After a nearly 2 month hiatus, Pastor John Gray returns to the pulpit

Photo: Pastor John Gray

After a nearly 2 month absence, Pastor John Gray re-emerged in the pulpit at his Relentless Church in Greenville, SC.

He preached both the morning worship service and the New Year's Eve night service on December 31st.

In true John Gray fashion and jovial sensibilities, the pastor wore a black tuxedo jacket adorned with silver rhinestones for the New Year Eve's worship service.

Photo: Pastor John Gray (NYE 12/31/2023)

Appearing refreshed and confident, Pastor Gray revealed that he had been away in a remote location with a desert climate.

He thanked his wife Aventer and all the other preachers who filled in for him in his absence, including Pastor Mike Todd, Rev. Montell Jordan, and Rev. Charles Metcalf, to name a few.

Before his absence, Pastor Gray had been public about his personal struggles with depression stemming primarily from childhood trauma.

Let's continue to pray for Pastor John Gray and his on-going healing.


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