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First Lady Loretta Jones, wife of Bishop Noel Jones, is Attacked at Church (new details)

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On Sunday August 13th, First Lady Loretta Jones was attacked during worship service.

Loretta Jones is the wife of Bishop Noel Jones, the senior pastor of City of Refuge Church in California. Since the incident, a woman by the name of Regina Adams has confessed to assaulting First Lady Loretta Jones. There had not been any images of what transpired that Sunday- until now. Take a look and see what happened in the immediate aftermath of the incident. Warning: The following images may be upsetting to some.

In the video, you can see that a group of men had Regina Adams pinned to the ground before she began to scream for someone to get her purse. Also, if you look closely, you can see that Loretta Jones was taken out of the sanctuary.

It is alleged that she [Loretta Jones] was knocked unconscious.

Some people have wondered why there was no security at the church, especially given the size and prominence of City of Refuge, and Bishop Noel Jones and First Lady Loretta Jones. However, video show that before the incident, there were men guarding the pulpit.

However, the incident took place at the end of service, after Bishop Noel Jones's alter call. Maybe, everyone's guard was down because during the invitation, people are expected to walk down the aisle, and give their life to Christ. Here is the scene before the incident.

Obviously First Lady Loretta Jones had no idea what was about to happen. She seemed to be enjoying herself during service.

None of these allegations by Regina Adams have been substantiated. Moreover, it has not been verified that First Lady Loretta Jones even knows Regina Adams.

Nevertheless, let us pray that justice is served. Furthermore, Let us pray for a speedy recovery for First Lady Loretta Jones as she recovers from this physical and mental trauma.



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