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SAFETY AT CHURCH! Mentally ill man points gun at church pastor in North Braddock, PA; Gunman's relative has been found dead in his home

Photo: Jesus' Dwelling Place Church livestream


Without warning, a mentally ill man walked toward Pastor Glenn Germany at the Jesus Dwelling Place Church in North Braddock just outside of Pittsburgh, PA and aimed a gun at the pastor.

Church members quickly jumped into action and tackled the man as Pastor Germany took cover.

The entire incident was captured during the church's Sunday service livestream.

(Click video below. Source: Jesus Dwelling Place Church Livestream)

Court paperwork identified the suspect as 26-year old Bernard Polite of Braddock.

Polite confessed to police that he tried to shoot Pastor Germany because, "God told him to do it," and that he wanted to go to jail to clear his mind.

Germany told a Pittsburgh news outlet that he had never seen the gunman before Sunday.

Just before the incident, however, Pastor Germany said that he had noticed the man frequently coming in and out of the church.

Although no one was harmed at the church, police did find a relative of Bernard Polite shot to death in the gunman's home. The victim is identified as Derek Polite, 56, of North Braddock.

This is not the first incident of a incident involving an alleged mentally ill person at a church, highlighting safety at church.

In February, there was a shooting at Pastor Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church in Houston. In August of last year, a woman assaulted Loretta Jones, the wife of Bishop Noel Jones at the City of Refuge Church in California.

Please pray for the safety of our churches. Moreover, please pray for the mentally ill.


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