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Gospel singer Tamela Mann sets the record straight on being the victim of AI-generated weight loss scam!

Photo: Tamela Mann

Tamela Mann has set the record straight!

Many have seen the Instagram and Facebook ads showing the talented gospel artist touting the benefits of weight loss drugs and gummy bears.

HOWEVER, these ads were NOT approved by Tamela Mann. As a matter of fact, the voice in the ads doesn't even belong to Mann. It's an AI generated voice, used in an attempt to deceive viewers to think Mann endorsed the weight loss medication.

Artificial Intelligence has become a hot button issue lately, especially with celebrities where either their visual likeness or voice is replicate without permission in an attempt to deceive audiences.

Last year, country superstar Luke Combs became the victim of an AI scam that featured the musician’s voice endorsing a product called Miracle Root Gummies.

While Tamela Mann has experienced incredible weight loss over the years, consumers should know it was NOT the result of these keto drugs and gummy bears. These are scams!

Listen to Tamela Mann address these AI-generated scams.

Tamela Mann is well-known actress from multiple Tyler Perry productions playing the role of Cora.

As a gospel music vocalist, she's won numerous awards, including the 2013 Grammy Award for the song "Take Me To The King."

Oprah Winfrey, Tom Selleck, and Kelly Clarkson are other celebrities who have been featured in these gummies scams.

Please research before you buy any "celebrity-endorsed" drug on social media.


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