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Pastors Damion and Regina Martin Archat Publically Call It Quits

The gospel couple decide to end their marriage after allegations of domestic abuse.

In a Facebook post on January 24, 2022, Damion announced that Regina had officially filed for divorce. Then on Instagram, Damion stated that he "dropped the ball so many times." He went on to say, "As a husband there has been times where I stopped praying for her when I was frustrated knowing it was my responsibility."

Regina filed for divorce after reports of domestic abuse in October 2021. According to the Broward County Sheriff's office, Damion Orlando Archat, 39, struck and pushed the Regina to the ground. Investigators say Archat even choked the victim to the point where she almost passed out.

Regina Martin Archat currently is the North Lauderdale Commissioner. She is the first African American Caribbean woman to be elected to that office. She is also founder and operator of Embassy College and The Embassy Academy, a K-12 private school. She is also a Pastor at Embassy Church of South Florida.

Damion serves as senior pastor at Embassy Church of South Florida. Embassy Church of South Florida has not publically released a statement on the matter.

The couple are very well-known for hosting marriage workshops and advice. They have been regulars on local and network television, including, The Word Network.

Regina and Damion Archat have a total of 5 daughters: Jazzmin, Olivia, Savanah, Sydney and Syleena.

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