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BREAKING NEWS: Bishop Lamor Whitehead Arrested!

Bishop Lamor Whitehead who was the victim of a alleged armed robbery this summer was arrested today on charges of fraud, extortion and lying to federal authorities!

He faces one count each of wire fraud, attempted wire fraud, attempted extortion and false statements.

According to federal authorities, Bishop Whitehead solicited money from victims, including a retired parishioner, through threats and false promises of enriching them. He then kept the money for himself.

The extortion charges allege that Bishop Whitehead attempted to get $500,000 from a businessman in exchange for a lucrative favor with New York City government, even though Bishop Whitehead knew he could not realistically deliver on the deal.

The charges of lying to federal authorities arise during the investigation into his conduct. Federal agents executed a search warrant for the cell phones of Bishop Whitehead. He told them he only had one cell phone when in fact he had a second.

Bishop Whitehead's lawyer said, “Bishop Whitehead denies these allegations, and we are going to fight them vigorously.”

As you may recall, Bishop Whitehead, 45, gained attention back in July when armed robbers rushed into his Brooklyn church service, which was streaming live. The robbers stole jewelry and other property from him and his wife.

According to news reports, authorities had been investigating Bishop Whitehead well before the robbery.

If convicted, Bishop Whitehead faces 20 years on each of the wire fraud and extortion charges

Stay tuned for more information.



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