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Bishop Lamor Whitehead Sues Popular YouTubers for $20M EACH!

Bishop Lamor Whitehead is suing two (2) popular internet personalities for $20 million each due to alleged defamation. Bishop Whitehead alleges that he lost church members and income after being painted as a scammer by the popular YouTubers.

Bishop Whitehead’s lawsuit singles out internet personalities Larry Reid and De’Mario Jives, who have 130,000 and 84,000 subscribers respectively on YouTube. Larry Reid is also the senior leader of Reformation Church of Atlanta.

Larry Reid is accused of stating that Whitehead scammed people out of money, including one of his congregants. However, it is believed that Reid was referring to the Brooklyn lawsuit filed by 56-year old Pauline Anderson who accused Whitehead of convincing her to hand over her $90,000 lifesavings with the understanding that he would buy and renovate a home for her.

Whitehead later allegedly told the woman that he had invested her money into his company and was not obligated to return it to her.

Bishop Whitehead confronted Larry Reid in a now infamous Instagram Live call. During the heated exchange with Larry Reid and Prophetess Geneses, Bishop Whitehead angrily spewed homophobic and fat-shaming language.

But Larry Reid is not the only person who Bishop Whitehead is blaming for his financial woes and public mockery after the robbery. He is also coming after King Jives who, on his YouTube channel, alleged that Bishop Whitehead was dealing drugs and collaborating with gang members. He also claimed that days later Whitehead was wearing the same jewelry he was supposedly robbed in.

According to the lawsuit obtained by the New York Daily News, Bishop Whitehead is now citing lost business deals, lost church members, and lost income because of Larry Reid and King Jives. In addition, he is claiming defamation, libel, and slander.

The 44-year old Bishop Whitehead is no stranger to controversy. He is well-known for showcasing and chronicling his flashy lifestyle on social media.

In interviews, he states that he may have been the victim of the church robbery because of the help he provided accused murderer Andrew Abdullah, who allegedly killed a Goldman Sachs employee on the subway.

Bishop Whitehead himself previously spent five (5) years behind bars for charges of identity fraud and grand larceny.

On July 24th, three(3) masked gunmen burst into Whitehead’s church at around 11:14 a.m. and robbed Bishop Whitehead while he delivered a sermon at his Leaders of Tomorrow International Church in Brooklyn, New York. According to the New York City Police Department, video of the incident shows Whitehead surrendering to the gunmen as the assailants took a reported $400,000 worth of jewelry. The brazen robbery and assault were caught during the church’s livestream.


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